Mar 012015

BBC Short Dramas: Frankenstein 1 – A passion for science: In episode 1 of our new drama you can meet the main character Viktor Frankenstein. He was rescued in the Arctic and feels sick, but he wants to tell you his story.


fool – a stupid person
monster – a living thing that is frightening and not human
creature – a living thing that is not human
alchemist – a kind of scientist in the middle ages who tried to change metals into gold and find a cure for all illnesses
power – strength or ability to do something special
elixir of life – a liquid with magical powers which could give someone eternal life
chemistry – a kind of science which studies substances and what happens when they are mixed together
laboratory – a room with scientific equipment which is used for experiments
anatomy – study of the human body



BBC Short Dramas: Frankenstein 1 Transcript Video


BBC Short Dramas – Frankenstein

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  1. Hello, This audio material called podcast is absolutely amazing! It is so interesting for me and for my students too, who want to improve their listening skills, even to myself I benefit for this awesome material with transcript included. I am so grateful to you for publishing this!

  2. I wonder If you have some questions in relation to episodes or the story of Frankenstien ? I believe that english learners will be able to learn English more quickly by asking questions each other.

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