Mar 042015

BBC Short Dramas: Frankenstein 4 – Creature meets creator: “I’m scientist Viktor Frankenstein and I had an unexpected meeting when I was walking to the top of Montavert. The Creature wanted to talk to me. I was angry but I followed it to its hut…”


evil – bad, cruel and unpleasant
duty – things that you have to do, often for a job or because of moral obligation
coward – someone who is afraid of everything
suffered – felt bad because life has been very hard
hostile – someone or something unfriendly
rejected – not accepted and loved by others, not included in tasks or activities
disgusting – very unpleasant
hut – a very small wooden building, usually for keeping things in, not for living in



BBC Short Dramas: Frankenstein 4 Transcript Video


BBC Short Dramas – Frankenstein

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