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Make the English you speak sound more natural with The English We Speak from the BBC. Every week, you can listen and read a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute podcast.

The English We Speak – Hot potato: listen&read video


The English We Speak – Treading on eggshells: listen&read video


The English We Speak Podcasts with Transcript Videos

Treading on eggshells (’14)
To make a monkey out of me
Take a rain check (’14)
Hot potato
Use your loaf (’14)
There’s method to my madness
Skeleton in the closet (’14)
In good nick
Get lost!
Cheap and cheerful
Haven’t slept a wink
A bitter pill to swallow
Good Egg
I’m game
Phone slang
That’ll put hairs on your chest!
Crystal clear
Fancy someone
Weather idioms
Down the pan
Don’t make a scene!
Part of the furniture
Over the moon (’13)
Sweet tooth
Better half (’13)
Six-pack (’13)
Eye candy
Makeover (’13)
Smoothie (’11)
Across the pond
It’s a joke (’12)
People person
Get your hands dirty (’12)
It’s a steal!
Phrases for festivals (’11)
Bull and bear market
Loved Up (’11)
Social media words
Don’t give up the day job
Sinking Feeling (’11)
A barrel of laughs
Why the long face? (’12)
To know something like the back of your hand
Work for peanuts (’11)
A face for radio
Head over heels (’11)
Give me credit
Dragon (’12)
To keep the wolf from the door
Easy tiger! (’12)
Hot desk
Out of juice
The penny dropped
Red tape
Words for underwear
To drink someone under the table
Me time
Take a back seat
In black and white
A sticky situation
A close shave
My mind’s gone blank
To sleep on it
All over the place
To go around the houses
Done and dusted
Chill pill
Put a sock in it!
A wild card
To take a stab in the dark
To keep a lid on it
To be on the ball
Game changer
Wow factor
Stab in the back
To downsize
At the movies
Killing time
Like turkeys voting for Christmas
Face the music
Internet speak
Give the cold shoulder
Take to the cleaners
Eat humble pie
Like water off a duck’s back
Take for a ride
Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater
Joe Bloggs
Food for thought
Butter up
Hair of the dog
Splash out
Cheesed off
Proof is in the pudding
Look like the back end of a bus
Blah blah blah
Have a lot on my plate
Bells and whistles
Everything but the kitchen sink
Beat the drum
Until the cows come home
Smell a rat
Funny ha-ha or funny peculiar
Corporate speak
Take it with a pinch of salt
Cold feet
Not enough room to swing a cat
Off the back of a lorry
Wrong ‘un
Pie in the sky
Under your belt
To brush over
Go the extra mile
Beat around the bush
The boot’s on the other foot
Pull the plug
In the doghouse
Chew the fat
Treading on eggshells
Take a rain check
Use your loaf
Skeleton in the closet
To have a word
Crystal clear
Take the mickey
Fishing for compliments
Go round in circles
Full of beans
To go with a bang
Other half
Bits and bobs
Out of the picture
Cut to the chase
Have a ball
Don’t make a scene!
Phone slang
Can of worms
What’s his face?
Straight from the horse’s mouth
Weather idioms
It’s doing my head in!
The bee’s knees
To put all your eggs in one basket
Don’t make me laugh!
A leopard can’t change its spots
To see red
Haven’t slept a wink
I wasn’t born yesterday
To cook the books
On the up
A white elephant
Finger on the pulse
Cut the mustard
To miss the boat
To take (something) on board
The writing is on the wall
Every Tom Dick and Harry
Act your age, not your shoe size
Go to town
Over the moon
To know your onions
Take with a pinch of salt
Not rocket science
Go down a storm

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