May 022014

Flies move ‘like fighter jets’: New research shows that when a threat comes into view, fruit flies make extremely fast turns similar to those made by fighter jets. The study explains why flies are hard to catch, according to the team.
11 April 2014



Beginning of the end for Japanese whaling?: Three Japanese ships have returned home at the end of the annual hunt for whales in the Southern Ocean. Japan has said they will not set sail again next year, after the International Court of Justice said the hunt was illegal.
7 April 2014



US created ‘Cuban Twitter’: The US created a text message social network designed to cause unrest in Cuba, according to an investigation by the Associated Press news agency. ZunZuneo, called the ‘Cuban Twitter’, had over 40,000 users in a country with limited access to the internet. The project is thought to have lasted from 2009-2012.
4 April 2014



Vatican bank ‘three trillion euro fraud’ stopped: Two men carrying a briefcase filled with fake bonds have been arrested by Vatican police after they tried to gain access to the Vatican bank. They were dressed in business suits and claimed to have an appointment with bank officials, but they were handed over to Italian police after questioning by Vatican security officers.
31 March 2014



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