Jul 022014

Cheap solar energy: A new way of producing solar cells could make energy from the Sun cheaper than coal, gas and oil. The research by a team at Liverpool University has been published in the journal Nature.
27 June 2014



British jihadists worry authorities: The British authorities are concerned about young British men returning from Syria and Iraq after engaging in the fight for the creation of an Islamic state. The former MI6 director Richard Barrett says security services won’t be able to monitor all of them. According to recent reports, there could be 500 Britons fighting in Syria.
23 June 2014



Poaching threatens survival of African elephants: The office of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (known as CITES) says rates of elephant poaching and trade in illegal ivory remain very high. In a new report, CITES warns that Africa’s elephants face an immediate threat to their survival because of continued high levels of poaching for their ivory.
16 June 2014



Mud-pack for the Taj Mahal: The Taj Mahal, India’s most famous monument, is to be given a mud-pack treatment to clean its white marble walls of yellow stains caused by pollution. It’ll be the fourth time this method has been used to clean the seventeenth-century tomb.
9 June 2014



Premier League clubs’ income ‘doubled in seven years’: The English Premier League remains the most lucrative in world football, according to a new survey by consultants Deloitte. It’s calculated that revenues at the 20 Premier League clubs will have grown by 28% over the last season, to 5.4 billion dollars. But high wage costs mean that most of that money will have been paid to the players.
6 June 2014



Obama to announce new pollution targets for power plants: The US government is due to give details about its plan to cut carbon emissions from fossil fuel power stations. This will be one of the most significant actions to try to reduce global warming in US history.
2 June 2014



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