Aug 022014

‘Fluffy’ dinosaurs were widespread: The majority of dinosaurs were covered with feathers or had the potential to grow feathers. A discovery of 150 million year-old fossils in Siberia indicates that feathers were more widespread among dinosaurs than previously thought. The details have been published in the Journal Science.
25 July 2014



Internet piracy warnings: Warning emails are to be sent to people in the UK who are downloading music and films illegally. From 2015, up to four warnings a year will be sent to households suspected of copyright infringement.
21 July 2014



Assisted dying debate: A law which would allow assisted suicide is being discussed in Britain. The proposal is based on laws already in place in the US states of Oregon and Washington. It has caused controversy.
18 July 2014



Cocaine in supermarket bananas: In Portugal, around 200 bags of cocaine have been found in boxes of bananas on sale in supermarkets around the country. Police say they’re hoping that the discovery will help them find those involved in bringing drugs from Colombia to Europe.
4 July 2014



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