Sep 042014

Artist buries gold on British beach: A great number of people have gone to Folkestone beach in the South East of England to dig for gold after a German artist announced he’s buried 30 bars worth £10,000. The initiative is part of a local art festival.
29 August 2014



Talking turtles: Scientists in Brazil have recorded river turtles apparently talking to each other underwater. They make different noises depending on what they’re doing and whether they’re with adults or young turtles. Researchers from The Wildlife Conservation Society believe that the turtles might use sound to exchange information.
18 August 2014



Ebola experimental treatment: Two US aid workers who caught Ebola in Liberia appear to be getting better after receiving an experimental drug, officials have said. The World Health Organization (WHO) is now considering whether to make such treatments more widely available.
11 August 2014



Researchers explain goalkeepers’ mistake: Goalkeepers facing penalty shootouts make a predictable mistake that could influence the outcome, say researchers. Psychologists who analysed World Cups and European championships over 36 years found that after three kicks in the same direction, the keepers were more likely to throw themselves the opposite way. The research has been published in the journal Current Biology.
1 August 2014



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