Oct 252012

We were down by twenty points as we headed to the locker room.  Our coach yelled at us at the top of his lungs to start playing defense.  I knew it was up to me to step it up in the second half.  I decided if we were going to comeback, I would have to start shooting a lot more.  We were a 10 to 1 underdog so I felt like we had nothing to lose. At the start of the next half I started knocking down three’s.  We cut the lead to five with just under a minute left in the game, and I was in the zone.  I hit a quick three and then stole the ball. I then knocked down another just before the buzzer went off to take the victory.

Phrases and Vocabulary used:

locker room – the room where teams stay before the game begins.  Each team has its own locker room. The room has lockers where each player can put their things.  They usually have showers and changing areas in there as well.

yelled at us at the top of his lungs – he yelled as loudly as he possibly could

up to me – it was my responsibility.  Ex.  It was up to me to clean the apartment since my roommate was on vacation.

step it up – to start doing better at something or get something better than you had before. Ex.  I decided to step it up this year and buy a new car.

comeback – win at something that you were losing at.  Ex. The candidate made a comeback to win the election.  He was losing at first, but in the end he was victorious.

10 to 1 underdog – 10 times more likely to lose than to win.  The underdog is the team expected to lose

nothing to lose – There are no disadvantages of doing something. Ex. Why don’t you try the job for a week? You’ve got nothing to lose.

knocking down three’s – getting three point baskets.

in the zone – playing or performing really well at something.  If you are in the zone everything seems effortless and you do things at your highest ability or skill level.

buzzer went off– the loud noise at the end of game or end of a period.


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