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A:  Add, I’m glad we finally decided to take our heads out of the sand and go ahead with the VIP section.

B:  Me too.  I know you wanted to keep everything free and were on the fence for quite a while about switching business models.

A:  I guess part of me didn’t want to face reality.

B:  I think it’s better now anyway.  Now we have more time to make the site way better.  Anyone who is really serious about improving their English will only have to cough up $75 per year to get full access to the new and improved site. Anyone who signs up won’t regret it.

A:  Ya. When you put it that way it’s actually a pretty sick deal.

Phrases and Vocabulary used:

Take our heads out of the sand:  If your “head is in the sand” it means you aren’t facing reality.  It means you don’t want to see the truth because the truth is painful.

On the fence:  If you are “on the fence” it means you haven’t made a decision yet.

She is still on the fence about whether or not to go to graduate school in the fall.

Business models:  A business model is the way that a company earns money.

Google’s “business model” is to provide a free service and make their money from advertising.
Our new business model at China232 is to charge annual subscription fee.

Part of me:  If you say “part of me” wants to to something.  It means that in some ways you want to do it, in some ways you don’t want to.  It means you can see the pro’s and con’s of making that decision.

Cough up:  “cough up” is a slang term that means to “spend money”.

I coughed up 200 bucks for these tickets, and my girlfriend decided not to go at the last minute.

Put it that way:  This phrase means to explain something in a certain way.

Sick:  This slang phrase really depends on the context.  It often means really really good.

Kobe Bryant was sick in the 4th quarter of last night’s basketball game.

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