Oct 252012

Lesson about describing people

Phrases and Vocabulary used:

Naive – someone who lacks experience and understanding about something.  We often describe someone who makes an immature decision as naive.  I think he is very naïve to think that it is a good idea to get married to his girlfriend after only knowing her for one week.  Why would you give him your bank account password?  You are so naive.

Predictable – someone who doesn’t do many new and exciting things.  We often use this in a bad way meaning the person is a little boring and not adventurous.  Even though she thought her boyfriend was good person, she decided to leave him because he was too predictable.

Confrontational – Someone who is very direct and will express their opinions even in situations where someone might not like it.  For example, if you see someone smoking and you walk up to them and tell them that it will kill them, that’s being confrontational.

Conceited – Someone who has an overly favorable opinion of themselves and their own abilities.  It’s used in a negative way.

Self-conscious – Someone who worries too much about what other people think of them.  It’s not good to be self-conscious when learning a new language.  My friend is so self-conscious that she won’t even sing in front of her close friends.

Rational – Someone who is reasonable and uses good judgment to make decisions.  They are usually calm and not so emotional.  It’s much easier to negotiate with rational people than emotional ones.

Approachable – If someone is approachable it means that it appears that they will be friendly if you go up to talk to them.  They seem easy to talk with and to get to know.  People who are relaxed and have a nice smile are approachable.

Down to earth – Someone who is “down to earth” is practical, realistic, and in touch with the lives of regular people.  People who are down to earth are reasonable and don’t have a lot of crazy ideas.  Often people think that movie stars and celebrities are not down to earth because their lives are so different from everyone else.

Methodical – Someone who does everything in a slow, planned, and systematic way.  Methodical people are careful and never skip steps when doing things.  They don’t mind taking a long time to do things because they think that the extra effort is worth it.

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