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A:  Hey, what’s your facebook?

B:  I forget.  It should be easy to find though.  We’ve got a lot of mutual friends on there.  I don’t use it much anymore though.

A:  Really?  I love it.  I find it helps me stay in touch with people I don’t see on a regular basis.  It really keeps me from drifting apart from old friends.

B:  It’s great for that but I find it to be a bit much.  Anyone can upload any photo of you and tag you in it.  Then everyone can see that photo whether you want them to or not.

A:  I agree it can be a bit of an invasion of privacy.  Anyway, I still like it overall.

B:  Well, you’re not alone.  Over 600 million people use it and the international growth is amazing.

Phrases and Vocabulary used:

What’s your facebook?  This question is a fairly new and common way to ask to keep in touch with someone.  People can ask for emails, cell phone numbers, and now, their facebook.  I’ve been noticing that asking for someone’s “facebook” is becoming a lot more common.

What’s your email?
Can I get your number?
What’s your facebook?

Mutual friends:  Mutual friends are friends that two people have in common.  For example, if Add and I both are friends with Jay, then “Jay” is our mutual friend.

Regular basis
: If you do something on a “regular basis”, it means that you do it fairly often and regularly.

I’m really bad at golf now because I almost never play.  If I want to get better I need to practice on a regular basis.

Keeps me from
:  If something “keeps you from” doing something else, it means it “prevents” you from doing it.

I have to wake up early every day because of my new job.  This schedule keeps me from staying up all night and watching TV.

Drifting apart
:  If you “drift apart” from an old friend, it means that you slowly lose contact with them.  You are still friends but for some reason you don’t contact each other much or ever anymore.

People in relationships can “drift apart” too.  This is an emotional feeling of not being as close as before.

He said he can feel that he and his girlfriend are drifting apart.  He said they need to do something if they want to save the relationship.

A bit much
:  This is used a lot in slang spoken English.  If something is “a bit much” it means that you think it is too extreme.

That skirt is really short.  I think it’s a bit much.

He got really angry at the taxi driver and yelled at him for over 20 minutes.  It was a bit much.

Invasion of privacy
:  This is a set phrase in English.  If something is an “invasion of privacy” it means that takes advantage of you and let’s someone look at your private information.

Police can’t come inside anyone’s home and start searching for illegal things because it’s an invasion of privacy.

I still like it overall
:  If you “like something overall” it means that there are some parts you like, some parts you don’t, but if you have to choose one, you still like it.

I know that movie had some boring parts and a few of the actors weren’t great, but I still liked it overall.

You’re not alone
:  If someone says, “you’re not alone” it means that many other people share the same opinion as you.

You’re not alone.  A lot of people think thought that movie was terrible.

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