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A:  What are you doing later?

B:  My girlfriend is dragging me to the opening of the new Apple store in Shanghai.  Her birthday is in a week and I know she’d love a new laptop.

A:  The stores on the mainland are super expensive.  You can save a lot if you buy one in Hong Kong.

B:  I’m not looking to save a couple of bucks.  Our relationship is on the rocks and I can feel I need to shell out for a decent birthday gift if I want to save it.  I’ll probably take her on a trip too.

A:  What happened?  I thought you guys were doing really well.

B:  I’ve been a bit distant lately and she can feel it.  We’ve been going out for 2 years now and it’s gotten a bit stale.  She says it feels like I don’t have both feet in the relationship.  A lot of other guys are after her and I can feel I need to start giving her more attention if we’re going to make it.

Phrases and Vocabulary used:

Dragging me:  If someone “drags you” to something it means that they force you to go somewhere you really don’t want to go.
I had to drag my girlfriend to come watch the basketball game with us at the bar.  What about you?

Mainland:  The “mainland” refers to the mainland of China.  It talks about all of China not including Hong Kong and Taiwan.

On the rocks:  If a relationship is “on the rocks” it means that it is not doing very well and there might be a future break up.

Last year their relationship was on the rocks but they got through the hard times and now they are going to get married.

Shell out
:  If you “shell out” money it means you pay for something.

He’s super cheap.  He doesn’t shell out for anything.

:  If someone is “distant” in a relationship it means that it seems they are not giving the relationship much attention.  If someone seems “distant” it means it feels like their mind is somewhere else and it’s difficult to communicate with them.  It also might mean they haven’t contacted you in a long time.  It really depends on the context.
He’s been really distant since he got married.  I haven’t heard from him in over 3 months.

He seems really distant lately.  We went out for coffee a couple weeks ago and he said almost nothing.  I wonder what the problem is.

:  If a relationship is “stale” it means it is going through a boring phase.  Nothing seems new or exciting anymore.

I don’t have both feet in the relationship
:  If someone doesn’t have “both feet in something” it means that they haven’t made a full commitment and given it a 100% focus.

You have to have both feet in your relationship or it will certainly fail.

:  If someone is “after” your girlfriend it means that they are chasing her and want to date her.

Beautiful girls always have a bunch of guys after them.  That’s never going to change.

Make it
:  If you “make it” in a relationship it means that you were successful and didn’t break up.  If you make it in business it means that you made a lot of money.  “Making it” basically means that you were successful at something.  If you understand that it should be easy to understand the meaning in context.

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