Oct 252012

Andrew: Hey, have you seen that new sitcom called Entourage?

Addison: Ya, it’s awesome. Who’s your favorite character?

Andrew: Johnny Chase. He’s absolutely hilarious! I love the one where he’s insecure about his calves.

Addison: That was hilarious. I personally think that Arie might be the best actor.

Andrew: Who do you think is the worst?

Addison: Turtle.

Andrew: I agree. He sucks.

Phrases and Vocabulary used:

It’s not common for native English speakers to describe people or things as “very humourous”.

Hilarious – A very good word to use which means very funny.

My friend is hilarious.

I find that movie hilarious.

Last night was hilarious.

What you just said was hilarious.

“Sense of humour” – a sense of humour is talking about if a person is either funny or good at accepting jokes. People who have a good sense of humour are often very easy-going.

She has a really good sense of humour.

A good sense of humour is important to me when finding a boyfriend.

A good sense of humour is more important than physical appearance.

He has a good sense of humour about himself. (doesn’t take himself too seriously, can make fun of himself)

Don’t use the word “very” all the time to modify words. A great word to use if you want to make a very strong point is “absolutely”.

Absolutely is like saying, extremely, totally, or 100%

Absolutely amazing.

That movie was absolutely amazing.

Absolutely beautiful.

Wow, you look absolutely beautiful in that dress.

Absolutely disgusting.

I can’t believe you like to eat that. It’s absolutely disgusting.

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