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A:  What are you up to later?

B:  I’m going to ask Scott for a job at his company.

A:  Are you serious?

B:  Ya, why not?

A:  I think you are barking up the wrong tree.

B:  What are you talking about?

A:  I think you blew your chances when you offended his girlfriend last week.  She was really upset.

B:  I apologized the next and and we’re good nowIt’s all water under the bridge.

A:  Well, I don’t know…

B:  You don’t know about what?

A:  Umm.  Where was I?

B:  You were trying to explain why I couldn’t get a job at Scott’s company.

A:  Sorry.  I forget.  I lost my train of thought.

B:  Thanks for the advice.

A:  Don’t mention it.

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Phrases and Vocabulary used:

Dime a dozen:  This phrase means that something is not very valuable.  A dozen means 12.  A dime means 10 cents.  A dime a dozen obviously means worth very little money.  It is often used as an exaggeration, but it’s a fun way to make a point.
Lawyers are a dime a dozen is another common one.

Best route to take:  A “route” is a choice or set of choices.  People have lots of different options in their lives.  Each option is a different route.  Clearly some routes are better than others.

Justify:  To “justify” something it basically means to prove it is reasonable.

You are not a kid anymore.  You make your own decisions without having to justify them.

Don’t sell yourself short:  This phrase means, “don’t undervalue yourself”.  Give yourself credit.

Piece of paper:  Sometimes we refer to university degrees as “pieces of paper”.  It’s what to say when you want to show that a degree isn’t as important as someone might think.

It’s all in your head:  This phrase means that it is untrue in reality, but only seems true from the person’s point of view.

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