Oct 252012

Steve got a much needed ego boost yesterday.  A beautiful girl came up to him and asked for his autograph.  She was convinced he was a handsome movie star and he totally went along with it.  They went to a restaurant for lunch and Steve noticed that his good friend Mark happened to be there.  Steve winked at Mark and luckily Mark was astute enough to see what was going on.  He also asked Steve for an autograph and then went back to his table.

Phrases and Vocabulary used:

ego boost: An ego boost is a lift to your self-esteem or confidence.  You might get an ego boost if your boss tells you that you are doing a great job and wants to give you a promotion.

went along with it: Pretended that it was true.

happened to be there: This means that someone was coincidentally at a place.  This person was there by chance and you didn’t make plans for this to happen.

winked: Winking at someone means to close one eye when you look at someone.  This expression can mean that you want to let them know something but you can’t tell them what it is because you don’t want anyone else to hear what you said.
For example, imagine that you are lying to someone about your age and your friend is beside you and he knows your true age.  If you wink at your friend, this will let him know not to say anything when he hears you lie to someone else.

astute: Astute means quick and clever.  It can also imply that someone was paying close attention.

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