Oct 252012

Today I woke up at 9:20 but lay in bed until about 11:30.
I wasn’t sleeping, nor was I relaxing.
I wasn’t really thinking of anything in particular either.
I was in a daze.
I finally got out of bed and started walking aimlessly around the house.
Instead of doing anything reasonable, I decided to feel a bit guilty about getting up so late and wasting the morning in bed.
I was just about ready to go to the gym when for some reason I decided to log on to msn messenger and start up a few useless conversations.
An hour flew by and it was now almost 1:00.
I’d had it.
I was sick of all the procrastinating.
I got off msn, grabbed a protein shake and headed off to the gym.

Phrases and Vocabulary used:

I wasn’t thinking of anything in particular

Nothing specific. Hard to say exactly what you were thinking or doing.

I’m not going anywhere in particular.

What restaurant were you thinking of going to tonight?

Nowhere in particular

I was in a daze

Thinking about something, maybe not moving your eyes much. Just staring at the wall and thinking

Walking aimlessly around the house

No direction. Just walking around with no idea of what to do.

I’d had it.

I was sick of it. I had enough, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed something to change.

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