Oct 252012

A:  What are you still doing in bed?  It’s already 2:00.

B:  I feel brutal.  I think it’s from the milk.

A:  Why would you drink that?  It was more than a week past the expiration date.

B:  Well, I wouldn’t have in retrospect.  I didn’t even look at the date before I drank it.  Why didn’t you toss it by the way if you knew it was that old?

A:  Hey, don’t blame me.

B:  I won’t if you go pick me up some medicine.

A:  That’s really thoughtful of you.

Phrases and Vocabulary used:

Brutal:  If something is “brutal” it means it is really bad.  In spoken English, we often talk about feeling “brutal”.
I have a brutal cold and don’t feel like going out tonight.
I feel brutal from how much we drank yesterday.
That was a really brutal movie.

Expiration date:  The “expiration date” is the date that is printed on foods that tells you when the food will go bad (expire).  You should throw out foods that have gone past the expiration date because they might make you sick if you eat them.

In retrospect:  “In retrospect” means, “looking back on the situation”.
Here is an example,  “I spent all my savings last year and now I am having money problems.  In retrospect, I wish I had saved it.

Toss it:  This is a slang phrase that means “throw it in the garbage”.

That’s really thoughtful of you:  This is a sarcastic sentence in the context of this dialogue.  He was joking when he said this because it wasn’t really thoughtful of him at all.


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