Oct 252012

Learn English while hearing about our trip to Thailand.

Phrases and Vocabulary used:

Thailand Trip: Koh Chang: We stayed in Koh Chang, the second largest island in Thailand. It is about a 4 hour drive from Bangkok. It is a beautiful place during the winter months. It’s sunny with blue skies almost everyday. The water is clean, clear, and really warm.

Bungalow: The bungalows on Koh Chang are small one-story houses with a bedroom, a small bathroom, and a balcony. The ones that we stayed in are about 15 USD per night. They have air conditioning, hot water showers, a mini-fridge, and cable TV.

Costs: It’s pretty easy to live there for about 40 USD per day.

Day in the life:
We would usually get up at around 9 am, go have breakfast, go to the gym, and ride our motorbikes around the island for a while and go to the beach for the afternoon. We would lie on the beach, have lunch on the beach, read, go swimming, and talk to friends. In the evening we would go usually go to an authentic thai restaurant for dinner and get ready to go to the popular beach bar.

Nightlife: On “White Sands Beach” there was pretty much one popular beach bar that everyone went to. You could sit outside on mats on the sand and order drinks. Our favorite drink is a whiskey bucket, which is a 300 ml bottle of Thai whisky, one can of coke, one thai red bull, and a lot of ice mixed together.

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