Choose Meaningful and Interesting English Learning Stuff


Lower Intermediate Level (L1)

Intermediate Level (L2)

Upper Intermediate Level (L3)

Advanced Level (L4)

English Cartoons For Kids

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  1. this is wonderful site, I just find out yesterday, so many audio conversation, thank you so much for your effort, God bless for your. 🙂

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  4. very useful and free. Thanks for wonderful site : )

  5. Many thanks for this site.

  6. I love your sight and it’s a very useful coordinator.

    However, I watched some of the “Magic English” (Disney) series, and while I feel it might be a useful tool for kids, or better yet, for grandmothers, I feel your designation of this series as “advanced”, must somehow be a mistake. I personally wouldn’t bill it any higher than “Elementary”… and even that’s stretching it. Take a look!

  7. Well these videos are very important for students that want to improve their English level. I can listening and read at same time.

    A tip, using my computer and a sound recorder software after listening a sentence I pause the video and I repeat the sentence I hearded(recording it) thus I´m able to check my pronunciation and fix the new vocabulary and where it can be used.

    I´m using these 6 minutes videos with transcription to improve my English and my IELTS score band results.

    Tks for all.

  8. thanks a lot,it’s very useful.i can impove my english through this web!wonderful!!

  9. This is the best and most complete site for everything regarding teaching and learning english. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for everything

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