Oct 302013

In this CNN Student News: Tropical Cyclone Phailin Hits India; U.S. Federal Government Remains Shut Down

CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Hi, welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. It`s Monday. It`s Columbus Day. We`ll have more on that coming up. It`s a new week of CNN STUDENT NEWS. In the U.S., we talk about hurricanes. In the Indian Ocean, these storms are called cyclones, and parts of India are recovering from the strongest cyclone to hit that country in 14 years. Tropical Cyclone Phailin hit India`s eastern coast. It was the equivalent of a category 4 hurricane. At least 14 people were killed. Before the storm hit, officials evacuated nearly a million people. They say that effort helped limit the number of casualties. Getting people back on their feet could be challenging. The cyclone damaged property; it flooded highways; it knocked down trees and power lines.


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Source: CNN

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