Oct 152013

In this CNN Student News: Putin, McCain Write Dueling Op-Eds; Starbucks CEO Asks Customers Not to Bring Guns Into Starbucks Stores

CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Fridays are awesome, and this Friday we are starting with a pair of articles that are driving up tension between the United States and Russia. Last week Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an opinion piece for “The New York Times.” He was critical of the U.S. government for threatening a military strike against Syria. This week, long time U.S. Senator John McCain responded, McCain has been a big supporter of U.S. military action in Syria. But his opinion piece for the Russian Website “Pravda” was more focused on Russia`s president. It was titled “Russians deserve better than Putin. He accused the Russian government of imprisoning opponents, rigging elections and controlling the country`s media. Yesterday, President Putin said he wasn`t aware of the article. But Russia`s did have some criticism for United Nations` report about chemical weapons in Syria. Russian officials called the report “bias, distorted, and built on insufficient information.” Russia says the inspectors need to go back to Syria to finish their investigation. U.N. Representatives say the report stands for itself.


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Source: CNN

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