Oct 152013

In this CNN Student News: Syrian Refugee Crisis; Tokyo Wins Olympic Bid

CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Hi. Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. I`m Carl Azuz. The U.S. Congress is back in session this Monday, September 9th, its summer break is over and Senators and Representatives have a major vote facing them. Should the U.S. launch a military strike against Syria? The Obama administration believes Syria used illegal chemical weapons in its civil war. He wants to punish Syria with a military strike. President Obama is asking for Congress`s approval. He`s planning to address the nation tomorrow night and hopes of winning public support. But as of right now, he doesn`t have it. A number of recent polls have found that most Americans don`t want the U.S. to attack Syria. Regardless of how that turns out, Syria`s civil war has effected millions. Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes us to where many Syrians have taken refuge.


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Source: CNN

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