Mar 212014

CNN Student News with transcript March 3, 2014: Situation in Crimea; Heavy Rain Striking Southern California; Julia Ernst, Female Wrestler



CNN Student News March 4, 2014: Situation in Ukraine Affecting World Markets; Iranian Supreme Leader Calls for Iranians to Have More Children; Kessler Syndrome and Cascade Effect of Debris in Space; Iditarod Starting in Alaska



CNN Student News March 5, 2014: Possible Sanctions against Russia for Military Intervention in Ukraine; Violent Protests in Caracas, Venezuelan Government; Fighting Poachers in Congo; New Budget Presented by President Obama



CNN Student News March 6, 2014: Asteroid`s Passing Close to Earth; College Board Changes the SAT Exam; Large Treasure Found in the United States; Celtics` Fulfilling Their Fans` Dream



CNN Student News March 7, 2014: International Crisis in Crimea Continues; Passenger Plane Nearly Shot by North Koreans; Switching to Daylight Saving Time; Russian-Born Paralympian Goes to Sochi to Compete.



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