Apr 052014

CNN Student News with transcript March 31, 2014: Russian Troops` Amass on the Ukrainian Border; Training Facility for First Responders Recreates Scenes of Disasters and Catastrophes; Saved Fox in British Sanctuary



CNN Student News April 01, 2014: Antarctic Whaling Banned in Japan; Zuckerberg`s Planning to Provide Internet in Rural And Hard-to-Access Areas To Boost Quality of Life; Renewable Energy Possibly Preventing Hurricanes; Scientific Project for Government to Save Money on Printer Ink



CNN Student News April 02, 2014: Government Investigation into GM`s Failure to Recall Dangerous Products; Unmapped Bottom of Indian Ocean Making Recovery of Flight 370 Extremely Difficult; One day of Air Traffic Controller at Busiest Airport



CNN Student News April 03, 2014: Geological Facts behind the Earthquake and Tsunami in Chile; Difficult Recovery after Massive Landslide in Washington State; Star Student Accepted to All Ivy League Schools



CNN Student News April 04, 2014: Shooting at Army Base in Fort Hood, Texas; Plastic Debris in Indian Ocean; David Barford`s Flying Machine



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