Jan 222014

CNN Student News with transcript January 13, 2014: Israel Holds Memorial Service for Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon; Discouraging Jobs Number; A-Rod Suspended for Duration of 2014 Season



CNN Student News January 14, 2014: Three Appointments by President Obama Rare Intersection of Three Branches of Government; West Virginia Water Pollution; State Department`s Warning to People Who Want to Visit the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia



CNN Student News January 15, 2014: New Budget Bill Proposed; American Journalist Sent out of Russia; Pope Francis`s Address to Protect the Syrian Civil Population; Mass Protests in Bangkok



CNN Student News January 16, 2014: Elections in Egypt; Extremely Hot Weather in Australia; FCC`s Net Neutrality Principle Struck Down by Federal Court; Google and Home Androids



CNN Student News January 17, 2014: President Obama Wants College Education to Be More Accessible to Lower Income Americans; Five-Year Anniversary of Miracle On the Hudson; Tracy Barnes Gives Her Place in the Olympic Team to Twin Sister



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