Sep 202014

CNN Student News with transcript September 15, 2014: Volcano Eruptions in Iceland Create Pollution; U.S. Continues Military Campaign against ISIS; Solar Storms Affecting Electronics; Your Online Information Becomes Part of Big Data



CNN Student News September 16, 2014: Countries` Representatives Meet in Paris to Build Coalition against ISIS; Odile Making Landfall; Great California River Going Dry; Signature Exhibition; Digital Age Affecting Sleeping Patterns



CNN Student News September 17, 2014: Fighting Wildfires in California; Ebola Can Become Global Health Threat; Boeing Getting Contract For Making Space Shuttles; Downs and Ups of Scotland Independence; 3-d Printing Revolution



CNN Student News September 18, 2014: Financial Side of Military Operations in Iraq; Greenest Building in the World; Ethical Hackers Expose Security Vulnerabilities.



CNN Student News September 19, 2014: How Scotland Became Part of Great Britain; Australia Faces ISIS Terror Threat; Face of Immigration; Arthur Bloom`s Music Therapy Program for Wounded Warriors



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