Nov 032014

CNN Student News with transcript Oct 27, 2014: Drought in Guatemala, destructive monkeys in India, U.S. spy planes over Syria and a proposed disaster warning system in California: We’re covering a lot of ground this Wednesday.



CNN Student News Oct 28, 2014: Exactly one week from the U.S. midterm elections, political science plays a starring role in today’s show. For history, science and social studies teachers, we have reports on Britain’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, a dangerous lava flow in Hawaii, and the end of daylight-saving time in the U.S. A potentially new type of virtual reality and a holiday for chocolate sweeten the end of this Tuesday’s program.



CNN Student News Oct 29, 2014: If you know what the southernmost U.S. state is, then you know where we’re going for one of the stories on today’s show. The location’s slow-moving natural disaster is a study in geology and earth science. Also featured is a debate concerning quarantines and the Ebola virus. And we look inside a plane that appears to be made of giant windows, though it actually has none for passengers.



CNN Student News Oct 30, 2014: In a tremendous explosion, a mission to the International Space Station ends just after getting off the ground. Today’s show explores what was lost aboard an unmanned, Antares rocket. As lava overtakes part of a Hawaiian village, we’ll tell you why the slow-moving natural disaster can’t be stopped. And we’ll report on the factors driving gas prices into a lower gear.



CNN Student News Oct 31, 2014: Featured this Halloween on CNN Student News: Candidates in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections work to scare up some votes, fearless astronauts aboard the ISS describe day-to-day living, ghost stories abound at some Washington, D.C. landmarks, and we hand out some sweet facts about the October 31st holiday.



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