Nov 152014

CNN Student News with transcript Nov 10, 2014: U.S. Doubles the Number of Troops in Iraq; North Korea Releases 2 American Prisoners



CNN Student News Nov 11, 2014: Ferguson Getting Ready for Possible Public Outrage; Veterans` Day in U.S.; Drones Saving Lives



CNN Student News Nov 12, 2014: Obama at APEC Summit in China; U.S. is Ebola Free, While Africa Still Struggles with Outbreak; Rosetta Mission – Landing on Comets



CNN Student News Nov 13, 2014: Obama Talking about Taking Executive Action on Immigration; Spacecraft Landing on Comet Surface; Negotiating Greenhouse Gases Cuts in China; U.S. High Schoolers Study in China



CNN Student News Nov 14, 2014: Record Low Temperatures in Much of U.S.; Rosetta Mission Continuing in Outer Space; Cult of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un



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