Nov 232014

CNN Student News with transcript Nov 17, 2014: G-20 Summit Countries Want to Improve Global Economy; Protesters Come to Guerrero Demanding to Find 43 Missing Students; Omega Blocks` Meaning for Weather; New AP History Framework Labeled as Nor Promoting Patriotism



CNN Student News Nov 18, 2014: Obama Talks About Possibility of Deployment U.S. Troops to Middle East; Investigating Who Shot Malaysian Airplane Over Ukraine; NFL under Investigation for Illegal Use of Painkillers; Corporations Influencing Elections; Apprenticeship Program Help Students Avoid College Costs



CNN Student News Nov 19, 2014: Terrorists Attack Synagogue in Jerusalem; How Dangerous is Terrorism for People in U.S.?; Japan`s Recession Can Affect Global Economy; Coding Seminar as Alternative to College Degree; Hovering Board Invented



CNN Student News Nov 20, 2014: Monstrous Snowfall in Buffalo, New York; Pros and Cons for Building Keystone XL Pipeline; Working for College While Studying; World Can Run out of Chocolate; New Baby Giraffe in Zoo



CNN Student News Nov 21, 2014: bama Announces Executive Order on Immigration; What Is Lake Effect Snow?; Creating Legal Base for Using Drones



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