Dec 072014

CNN Student News with transcript Dec 1, 2014: Black Friday`s Spending in U.S.; Violence, Looting and Rebuilding in Ferguson; Talks on Nuclear Iran Program Haven`t Brought Result; Cleaning Baltimore Harbor; How Dogs Drink



CNN Student News Dec 2, 2014: Free Speech or Call to Violence; World AIDS Day Raises Awareness; Visiting Town Abandoned After Chernobyl; Abandoned Fukushima; Getting Up Early Is Good for You



CNN Student News Dec 3, 2014: Protests Over Ferguson Shooting Gone Nationwide; President and Attorney General Aim Tensions between Minorities and Police; Wave of Synthetic Drugs Usage Threaten American Youth



CNN Student News Dec 4, 2014: Intensive Fighting in Kobani; Getting Closer to Landing on Mars; Erik Weihenmeier Kayaking in Grand Canyon



CNN Student News Dec 5, 2014: Philippines Bracing for Super-Typhoon; New Yorkers Protest Police Brutality Toward African-Americans



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