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CNN Student News with transcript Jan 27, 2015: On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, CNN Student News takes you inside the concentration camp and brings you the words of some of its survivors. Also featured this Tuesday: a potentially historic winter storm in the U.S. Northeast. And newly unclassified documents detail thousands of UFO sightings, though most of them can be explained.



CNN Student News Jan 28, 2015: This is one of the most science-oriented shows we’ve produced. From the imperfect science of forecasting the weather to the phylum of sea urchins, we’re touching on meteorology, astronomy, technology, cartography, and biology in our Wednesday edition of CNN Student News. So take a 10-minute break from the textbook to watch science come alive on your screen!



CNN Student News Jan 29, 2015: A politically challenging presidential trip and a mystery involving birds are two of the stories we cover on this dynamic edition of CNN Student News. We remember the actions of the Friendship Nine on the day when their convictions and sentences were overturned. And we discuss a controversial proposal to use mutant mosquitoes to wipe out a pest in the Florida Keys.



CNN Student News Jan 30, 2015: We’re exploring a couple of constitutional issues today, from the concept of war powers in the U.S. government to the concept of selecting a jury. There’s some hopeful news concerning the Ebola virus, and there’s some expectation that this year’s Super Bowl could break all-time television viewership records. And a man in Canada is keeping fun on track for the kids in his neighborhood. Fridays are awesome on CNN Student News!



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