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CNN Student News with transcript Feb 2, 2015: February is the start of Black History Month in the U.S., and today’s show takes a look back at a series of significant events in the Civil Rights Movement. We’re also looking at tensions in the Middle East, from their background to a recent flare-up. And we’ll show you what the Grand Canyon looks like under a blanket of fog. Go there on CNN Student News!



CNN Student News Feb 3, 2015: For millions of snowbound Americans in the Midwest and the Northeast, Groundhog Day might’ve brought an unwelcome prediction. We’ll tell you what it was, and we’ll take you to a research center in Colorado where having your head in the clouds is the goal. We also look back at a historic document on its 800th birthday and explore its most enduring principles.



CNN Student News Feb 4, 2015: A measles outbreak has triggered a flare-up in the debate over vaccines, and it’s reached Capitol Hill. We’ll tell you what’s being said in Washington, D.C. Are winds of change blowing stronger in Saudi Arabia? A well-traveled CNN reporter gives his impressions. And a Character Study focuses on a young lady whose childhood cancer took her leg but gave her unparalleled determination.



CNN Student News Feb 5, 2015: As President Obama’s nominee for defense secretary is questioned on Capitol Hill, we’re taking a look at two of the major challenges ahead of anyone in the position: the fight against ISIS and the conflict in Ukraine. We’ll also take you for a ride on a superpipe today; we’re looking at the science and expenses associated with constructing one.



CNN Student News Feb 6, 2015: This Friday, we’re starting with news from Jordan: Find out how the Middle Eastern country responded to the recent murder of one of its fighter pilots. We show you what it’s like to walk through a Syrian city ruined by terrorism and war. And if you’ve ever considered texting while driving, you’ll have to consider how new technology can help police catch offenders!



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