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CNN Student News with transcript Feb 9, 2015: This Monday, step onto the tarmac of a once-renowned airport that’s now a shelled-out wasteland. Observe the history overseen by a British queen ahead of the history she’s about to make. Hear both sides of a controversy involving a comment by President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast. And sail through an atmospheric phenomenon captured from the deck of an aircraft carrier.



CNN Student News Feb 10, 2015: Economics, international politics, rocket science and careers are four subjects explored this Tuesday on CNN Student News. First up: U.S. cities like Boston are strapped for cash when it comes to their snow-removal budgets. Then, we examine why approval ratings are high for Russia’s president despite the strains on his nation’s economy. We’ll explain the big goal of an upcoming rocket launch and look at the salaries of photographers and helicopter pilots.



CNN Student News Feb 11, 2015: Today’s show begins by remembering Kayla Mueller, a woman who dedicated her life to helping others. We’re also looking into the increasing popularity of dashboard cameras: What kinds of impact have they had on everything from police work to disaster investigations? We explore five hardships caused by snow days, and we examine just how germy public places can be.



CNN Student News Feb 12, 2015: For the first time in 13 years, a U.S. president is asking Congress to formally authorize military force. Find out what’s in the plan and why it’s uncertain whether lawmakers will approve it. Other headlines: The U.S. has moved all embassy personnel out of Yemen, a Little League team loses its championship title, and we define the insanity defense and its limits in U.S. court cases.



CNN Student News Feb 13, 2015: A breakthrough in Belarus, a verdict in Italy, and an expected veto in the U.S. all headline CNN Student News this Friday. We’re breaking down how vaccines work, and we’re exploring five facts about Valentine’s Day. And we’ll take you to a lived-in landmark whose appearance is deceiving. Teachers, please note that CNN Student News will be off the air next Monday for the Presidents Day holiday.



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