Apr 042013

Daily Dose – Trick

There are many words and expressions in English that stem from the word trick. I thought I had better make a Daily Dose of English about them no matter how tricky the video might be to make. So I did.

Daily Dose – Countable Uncountable

Countable and uncountable nouns cause plenty of problems for students. In this video I hope to quickly show how we deal with them.

Daily Dose – Disbelief

How do you tell someone that you don’t believe what they’re telling you? There are many ways in English from “Your pulling my leg” to “Get away!” This video will give you the most useful expressions.

Daily Dose – Clothes

Cloth, clothes, or clothing, suit or dress, verb or noun? These are words that typically confuse students. This Daily Dose of English aims to make them less confusing to all.

Daily Dose – Alaska

A lot of humour in English comes from the way words can mean more than one thing, or the way that words can seem to change their meaning depending on their pronunciation. This Daily Dose of English shows how this happens in an old joke about Alaska.


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