Apr 042013

Daily Dose – Glasses

Many people wear glasses and many more will as they get older. This has happened to me, and I wanted to share with you some of the language we use with the wearing of glasses.

Daily Dose – Do For Emphasis

I do so like it when people ask me to make an interesting video. I did enjoy receiving a request from Rustam from Azerbaijan. This Daily Dose of English demonstrates how we use the verb “do” to add emphasis, and shows how intonation is important in showing meaning, too.

Daily Dose – Computer Symbols

In the computer age in which we now live it is important to be able to name the symbols you find on your keyboard. These include the @ symbol, the $ sign, the \ and more. If you don’t know your curly brace from your square bracket, or your caret from your ampersand, then this is the Daily Dose of English that you have been looking for.

Daily Dose – OUGH

The letter sequence O-U-G-H can be pronounced in 8 ways in English. This Daily Dose of English will help you to get the pronunciation right.

Daily Dose – Pack

Pack, packet, package, packaging, packing are words that confuse students. We have enlisted the help of the world’s foremost expert on packages to help you understand when to use each word. Live from the North Pole, our special guest will pack you with the information you need to get it right.


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