Oct 212012

The singer releases her first album in four years, ”Two Eleven”. Alicia Powell reports

Whether you know her as Moesha, Cinderella or Brandy, this 33-year-old star has been “putting it down” in the entertainment industry for 20 years. After a four year gap Brandy Norwood has returned to the charts with her new album “Two Eleven”. SOUNDBITE: Brandy, singer, saying (English): “I know for a fact that I’ve been gone for awhile and I couldn’t find my way. I couldn’t get it together, I stopped believing in myself I thought it was over for me and I just got tired of feeling like that.” Four years of setbacks, including being involved in a fatal chain-reaction car accident and being without a record contract, saw the singer dip to her lowest point. SOUNDBITE: Brandy, singer, saying (English): “I went through – just everybody knew about the terrible accident that I went through and everybody else that was involved in that. Personally I didn’t know what was going on and I’m a good person so I’m like, ‘why is all of this stuff, what’s going on.” “Two Eleven” isn’t just Norwood’s birthday, it is also the day her mentor and idol, Whitney Houston died. Giving the CD such a poignant title was a tough decision. SOUNDBITE: Brandy, singer, saying (English): “She meant everything to me. And for her to pass, period, is like – I wish I could cruse and say what I really want to say but I can’t – it’s missed up that she died period. But then to pass on my birthday it brings a whole – it’s brings another responsibility, I feel to me.” Now an inspiration for many young girls, the Grammy winner issued advice to those wishing to follow in her footsteps. SOUNDBITE: Brandy, singer, saying (English): “Fame and popularity, it’s not the cake it’s just the icing. You know, yeah, you have a better life, you get a chance to provide for people that you love. But artistry is service to those who want the connection to music, who want to feel like they are not alone.” “Two Eleven” hit stores on October 16.

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