Oct 212012

A Mexican zoo welcomes four cubs of the endangerd Bengal tiger species. Elly Park reports.

These four felines, three boys and one girl, were born at a Mexican zoo in the Pacific state of Guerrero. With their silent roars and imposing paws the tiny Bengal tigers are trying to impress their vet Alejandro Figueroa, who seems to be more amused by their cuteness than anything else. SOUNDBITE: Alejandro Figueroa, Vet, saying (Spanish) “This is a male cub from a litter of four, four siblings who were born on September 19. The characteristic of this bunch is that they are the children of a new father who was brought to the park just three months ago.” And their mother is this 11-year-old beauty, who was born at the zoo. Bengal tigers are an endangered species with fewer than 2500 animals left in the wild, so the birth of the foursome was great news. In a couple of months when they grow stronger, the cubs will go to other zoos as part of an exchange program.

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