Oct 192012

Kate in topless greeting twist

The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge – focus of a row over semi-naked photos – are welcomed by dancers in traditional topless garb as they arrive in the Solomon Islands.

Ed Baran reports.

A traditional welcome for a princess in the Solomon Islands. As the royal tour continues, topless women present necklaces to Britain’s Prince William and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge, formerly Kate Middleton.

At the same time, on the other side of the world, semi-naked pictures of the future Queen are hitting news-stands in an Italian gossip magazine. Defying risks of legal action, Italy’s Chi (pronounced: Key) magazine has a large topless image of the duchess on its front page. The headline says “Scandal at Court: the Queen is naked” — but most Italians weren’t too shocked. SOUNDBITE, Assunta Mangiameli, Rome reisdent, saying (Italian): “I think (the reaction) is exaggerated. All this talk about them being royals…Nowadays, we are all equal.” SOUNDBITE, Franco de Grazia, Rome resident, saying (Italian): “It is absolutely out of place to get so stressed and worried (about these pictures). She is just a woman sunbathing, I don’t even know where. I cannot even understand the importance, all the talk in the newspapers.” Topless pictures of the Duchess have already been printed by the French magazine Closer. The royal couple are launching legal action against the publication, saying the pictures are a breach of their privacy, and seeking an injunction and damages. For now at least, their Jubilee Tour is being somewhat overshadowed by the secretly-taken photos. The images have been picked up by several foreign publications and continue to circulate widely on the internet.


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