Oct 192012

Kate Middleton’s dancing cousin bares it all

Katrina Darling, a distant cousin of Kate Middleton, performs her burlesque show at a New York City nightclub. Elly Park reports.

Twenty two-year old Katrina Darling is on her way to work. The England native is firing up the crowd at New York’s “Demi Monde” with her burlesque show titled ‘God Save The Queen.’ But off stage, the dark haired beauty has real royal ties – she is a distant cousin of Kate Middleton, future queen of the U.K. It was April last year when Darling got a phone call from a reporter who told her about her royal connection.

SOUNDBITE: KATRINA DARLING, KATE MIDDLETON’S DISTANT COUSIN, SAYING (English) “It was pretty crazy because it was April Fool’s Day so I was like, ‘no, this is like not happening at all.’ But I called my mother and she was like, ‘yeah, I didn’t want to get in touch because obviously you were doing your show and things, but some reporters came around asking.” Recently the brunette bared it all in Playboy’s September issue. And while already a professional model and dancer, Darling says she is still exploring her future options. SOUNDBITE: KATRINA DARLING, KATE MIDDLETON’S DISTANT COUSIN, SAYING (English) “I am 22, so I guess I’m just going to continue to stick my fingers in pies and see which ones taste good I suppose.” In the meantime she is raising money with her show for Amnesty International to support the jailed Russian rock band Pussy Riot.


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