Oct 212012

Stars including Helena Bonham Carter, Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg and Michelle Rodriguez put on a glittering show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to launch its major autumn exhibition, ”Hollywood Costume”. Kathi Urban reports.

For once it wasn’t just about them, but about what they’re wearing. London’s Victoria and Albert museum is launching a major new exhibition, celebrating 100 years of costume design in film. “Hollywood Costume” has brought together a treasure trove of some of the most iconic movie memorabilia for the first time, from Daniel Craig’s Bond tuxedo to Kate Blanchett’s period dress she wore as Queen Elizabeth I. It’s the symbiosis between the actors and their outfits which helps them make their character feel complete. SOUNDBITE: Michelle Rodriguez, actress, saying (English): “It’s your character, it’s your silhouette, it’s your personality, it’s pretty much everything. — I wouldn’t you know I’ve never had the opportunity to really play because I usually play these tomboy-ish roles where I am in jeans and a tank top you know most of the time. But I definitely fantasize.” The items on show have spent most of their post-productions lives either in the hands of private collectors or locked up in the wardrobe archives of the film studios. Only occasionally do actors get to add them to their personal closet. SOUNDBITE: Helena Bonham Carter, actress, saying (English): “No, sometimes you don’t keep them. I only got, I got ‘Fight Club’ bits because he’s not — if you really make friends with the costume designers which I usually do that means you can get to keep some.” The exhibition has got some 130 items on display. It’s open to the public from October 20 until January next year.

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