Oct 212012

The Flyboard, a cross between a jetski and a jetpack, takes off on Australia’s Gold Coast. Elly Park reports.

Behold – the Flyboard, the newest water sport to hit the Australian Gold Coast with a splash. It’s a combination between a jet ski and a jet pack and can launch its rider up to 10 meters or 32 feet into the air — or dive underwater like a dolphin. Invented by a Frenchman last year, the flyboard’s jet ski is attached to a hose that pumps water to keep it aloft while riders use their feet to control the direction. And according to its Australian distributor Peter Hender it feels natural to use. SOUNDBITE: Director And Distributor Flyboard Australia, Peter Hendra, Saying (English) “It’s an extension of your body, you pull that Ironman pose, stand up, and you’ll freely fly around.” While it certainly looks fun the flyboard does come with a sky high price tag of nearly $12,000 US Dollars.

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