Oct 212012

The day’s top showbiz news and headlines including Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel get married, Britney Spears’ drug use is questioned in court, and ”Paranormal Activity 4” earns 4.5 million at midnight screenings. Bob Mezan reports.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are married – according to a statement released from People magazine. The duo, who have been dating for five years, were married in a small town near Naples, Italy. The statement said, “the ceremony was beautiful and it was so special to be surrounded by our family and friends.” Britney Spears’ life is being examined in a new court case. An attorney representing Sam Lufti, her former manager, started opening arguments Thursday (October 18) in a case filed against the singer and her parents, painting Spears as a heavy drug user. Lufti is suing Spears for a percentage of profit he says she promised him in 2008, and is also suing her parents for assault and defamation. Spears is not expected to be in court as the trial continues. The TV series “Homeland” has lots of fans, but has made some enemies in Lebanon. The minister of tourism has threatened to sue the makers of the show for what he claims was a misrepresentation of Beirut in a recent episode. The episode in question showed a terrorist meeting on a street in Beirut – although it was shot in Israel. The minister said it did not depict reality and could have a negative effect on tourism. “Paranormal Activity 4” took in 4.5 million dollars from midnight screenings on Friday (October 19) – a nice start to the box office weekend, but well below the eight million the third installment made just a year ago. That film also went on to earn 52 million in its opening weekend – analysts suggest “Paranormal 4” will pull in a little less this time – estimating the open some where between 35 and 40 million dollars.

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