Oct 192012

A look at the UK’s most beautiful face

An 18-year-old school girl’s face is considered scientifically perfect after winning a television competition for ‘Britain’s Most Natural Beauty’.

Tara Cleary reports.

It might not launch a thousand ships, but this is the face that won the title “Britain’s Most Natural Beauty”. Eighteen-year-old Florence Colgate’s face is considered almost flawless … it’s perfectly symmetrical, with large eyes, full lips and high cheekbones.

SOUNDBITE: Florence Colgate, saying (English): “I had to send in a picture wearing no make-up and from that I got called to say I got through into the top 5 out of 8000 people. It’s just unbelievable. Honestly, I did not expect to get this far at all.” The competition wasn’t just about subjective beauty – it was settled with science. Researchers say the distances between facial features and the width and length of the face are deciding factors for perfection. And Colgate scored very close to the ideal. SOUNDBITE: Florence Colgate, saying (English): “I think I just look at my face and I see me, I don’t really see, like science, it’s just yeah.” Colgate works part-time at a local fish and chips shop. But she says her new-found fame doesn’t seem to have made her more popular with customers. SOUNDBITE: Florence Colgate, saying (English): “I haven’t really noticed. Obviously you still get your regulars who come in every week. I don’t know, it’s a busy fish and chip shop anyway.” Colgate plans to study business management at university, unless of course, a lucrative modeling contract shows its face. Tara Cleary, Reuters.


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