Feb 232013

Daily Video – Creepy or cute? Valentine’s chocolates in the shape of your face: Forget hearts on February 14th, now you can give your sweetie a chocolate treat with your mug on it. Sharon Reich reports.

The transcript of this daily video: It might be the ultimate in personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Daily Video – A juicy Carnival celebration in Italy: Carnival-goers in northern Italy’s Ivrea pelt each other with oranges in an enactment of a centuries-old legend of tyranny and the fight for liberty. Sharon Reich reports.

The transcript of this daily video: It’s Italy’s largest food fight – and apparently it’s as painful as it looks.

Daily Video – Carnival celebrations cut loose in Brazil: All eyes are on the glittering costumes and colorful floats of Carnival troupes as they parade through the Sambadrome. Sharon Reich reports.

The transcript of this daily video: The sound of samba is in the air as Brazil’s Carnival celebration continues.

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Source: Reuters

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  1. I am having trouble negotiating the site for Reuters Short Videos and finding a suitable extract, with a transcript, for my English class . I successfully used “Creepy or Cute? Valentine’s Chocolates in the shape…” (which I only found by clickiing on “Carnival Celebrations”! A bit strange). Then I found “Lima youth ride wave of eco-awareness with bottle boards” (which I could only find by first playing the chocolate one, above) and wanted to use it with my class, but there was no tapescript, which is essential for me as the teacher. And then I tried to find other “daily videos” but they were all several months, if not a year, old. My question: Where can I find some short videos (under two minutes preferably) that are reasonably up to date and that have a tapescript? Or maybe you don’t do them anymore? Thanks for your help. Josephine

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