Feb 232013

In this daily video: New York designer Michael Kors creates clothes to move for fast city life in mostly bright colors with touches of black for his fall collection. Elly Park reports.

The transcript of this daily video: Stars including actor Michael Douglas and actress Zoe Saldana packed the front row for this man — the one and only Michael Kors — who seemed pretty composed right before the start of his show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. But Kors says his calm exterior hides a crazier side. SOUNDBITE: Michael Kors, Designer, saying (English) “I’ve learned after over thirty years of doing this, that I get crazy early. So I get crazy early and then I get very crazy at the last minute.” The designer showed 63 looks for his fall 2013 collection drawing inspiration from his hometown. SOUNDBITE: Michael Kors, Designer, saying (English) “I really was thinking that the amazing thing in New York and about city life in general in the world today, it’s a very athletic life. We are on the move faster than ever before. So I thought about athleticism in an urban situation. But really mixing that with uptown polish.” Traffic stopping royal blue, taxicab yellow and neon orange are some of the colors he picked out for fall. The sales of his designer label are on the rise, boosting its full-year forecast this week after strong holiday sales of handbags, watches and other luxury items. So it seems for Michael Kors, life in the fast lane couldn’t get any sweeter.

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Source: Reuters

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