Feb 232013

In this daily video: Three couples tie the knot on Valentine’s Day atop iconic New York City building. Sharon Reich reports.

The transcript of this daily video: Danielle Brabham and her new husband Michael Lynch are having an unforgettable New York minute. SOUNDBITE: Danielle Brabham, newlywed saying (English): “I couldn’t ask for a better wedding day or a better wedding venue. It’s just incredible to be married at the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day! It’s iconic, and it’s memorable, and it’s unique, and it’s just been absolutely perfect!” Every year hundreds of couples vie to tie the knot at the historic landmark on Valentine’s Day — the only day of the year that the Empire State Buildings allows weddings. But this year, only three lucky couples got that privilege. The ceremonies were attended by dozens of friends, family. . . and the media. Designing the events was the work of celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey. He and his team went all out to create a unique look and feel for each nuptial. SOUNDBITE: Celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey saying (English): “We’re not going to put a price tag, but the detailing that we gave them is quite a big price.” Newlywed Laurie Ann Phillips says her wedding day has turned out to be a dream come true. SOUNDBITE: Newlywed Laurie Ann Phillips saying (English): “A little bit surreal. …. We’ve visited it numerous times as individuals and to able to be here on Valentine’s Day getting married here just really feels so special.” The romance won’t end in the Big Apple for these couples. They’ve also all won a Caribbean honeymoon.

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Source: Reuters

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