Feb 232013

In this daily video: Style expert and TV host Sam Saboura analyzes the fashion trends that will be showcased on the Oscar red carpet.

The transcript of this daily video: SOUNDBITE: Sam Saboura, style expert and host of “Something Borrowed, Something New” saying (English): “I think we’ve seen a lot of black. I’m hoping that transcends into color. Color was important for spring and for fall, red was certainly a humongous trend on the red carpet, this bright, poppy-colored red, like the flower, was a big, big trend at the Golden Globes and I think that’s going to carry over. Also it’s time for white. White starts to rear its head at the Oscars. It’s a very clean, a very beautiful color. Very few can wear it well. Anne really brings it with big name designers. She has relationships with Valentino. She has relationships with Karl Lagerfeld. I think the dress will be sophisticated and chic, but it will be a knockout. She’s nominated. She’s fashion’s darling, and I think she’s going to look absolutely incredible. Everyone is looking to Jennifer Lawrence because she is young, and she is vibrant. She’s got this kind of anti-Hollywood personality. Now she has been courted by Christian Dior and the haute couture collection will most likely be running its way down the red carpet on Jennifer Lawrence. The one to really watch is Jessica Chastain. She hasn’t really found her footing yet. She’s had great moments, and then she’s had some tumbles and stumbles. I am hoping that she goes back to her roots, maybe wear something by Alexander McQueen, that is going to show her personality, but also elevate her to the level of actress that she is. There haven’t been a lot of really horrible heinous moments on the red carpet; they’ve just been weird things that the stars have been doing, like Angelina’s leg kicking out. I hope that we have some missteps actually at the Oscars. It’s not that exciting when everyone looks perfect and plays it safe. It’s a hell of a lot more fun when you have something to talk about Monday morning at the office at the water cooler. So I hope there is a little bit of drama and a whole lot of great, beautiful fashion.”

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