Feb 232013

In this daily video: City officials lock horns with couples over padlocks in Paris. Sharon Reich reports.

The transcript of this daily video: It’s Valentine’s Day and it may be chilly … but romance is in the air. As a symbol of their devotion, hundreds of lovestruck couples attach locks on the Ponts Des Arts bridge tossing away the keys into the River Seine. The locks are adorned with messages of love. Yet it seems they are causing heartache for Parisian officials who are working to have them removed . The reason they say, is that the metal appeals to thieves who use wire cutters to remove them and in the process destabilize the structure. But a little sawing, can’t stop love. British tourist Dan Murphy even took advantage of the spot to propose to his now fiancee Lauren Price. SOUNDBITE: Newly engaged British tourist Lauren Price saying (English): “It just shows it’s the most romantic city in the world.” French couple Vincent Durier and Aurelie Flamand sealed their love here too. SOUNDBITE: Vincent Durier saying (French): “We came because it symbolises Saint Valentine. We were in Paris and said to ourselves, why not come here? We saw online that it was famous for lovers. So we’re taking part in the custom.” While they may be locking horns with lovers, Parisian officials still have a soft spot for Cupid — they have put up electronic billboards around the city where couples can broadcast short love notes.

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Source: Reuters

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