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The EFU English For You video series is a classroom style English course. The first video set contains 30 lessons for beginners.

The EFU English Video Lessons for Beginners:

Lesson 1 Nice to meet you!
Names, alphabet, “be”, introductions, goodbyes

Lesson 2 How are you?
Greetings, numbers, phone numbers, ages, this/that, these/those, singular/plural

Lesson 3 What does she look like?
Adjectives: looks, personality, sentence structure (1), but

Lesson 4 Where are you from?
Countries, prepositions of location, simple present

Lesson 5 Do you speak English?
Nationalities, languages, sentence structure

Lesson 6 This is My Family
Family vocabulary, singular/plural, pronoun review, demonstratives review, punctuation

Lesson 7 These are my relatives
More family vocab, possessive nouns, simple present- irregular verbs, here/there, or

Lesson 8 What do you do?
Job vocabulary, a/an, more simple present, pronunciation: elision (running sounds together)

Lesson 9 Where do you work?
Workplaces, prepositions of location, articles, frequency adverbs, spelling of simple present verbs, pronunciation: short o, a, e and y as vowel

Lesson 10 What time is it?
Time words, prepositions of time, parts of the day, when? What time?

Lesson 11 What day is it?
Days of the week, months, ordinal numbers, holidays, pronunciation: th

Lesson 12 How is the weather?
Weather terms, seasons, adjectives for weather, present continuous for weather, pronunciation (short u. a. e. o)

Lesson 13 What are you wearing?
Clothing, colours, present continuous

Lesson 14 The Body
Body vocabulary, make-up, jewelry, pronunciation: short I and long E

Lesson 15 What’s the matter?
Vocabulary for health problems, imperative, pronunciation: long A, short E, spelling with silent e

Lesson 16 Home sweet home
Vocabulary for rooms, houses, there is/are, pronunciation: long I

Lesson 17 Tell me about your furniture
Vocabulary for furniture, prepositions of place, simple pres/pres continuous review, pronunciation: long O

Lesson 18 I’m Hungry!
Vocabulary for food, count/non-count nouns, some/any, articles

Lesson 19 What sports can you play?
Sports names: Verbs for sports; Present continuous; Can, can’t: Be able to: (ability)

Lesson 20 What did you do yesterday?
Simple Past: Regular and Irregular Verbs; time words

Lesson 21 What are you going to do?
Future: Present Continuous as future; be going to; will; time words

Lesson 22 Would you like to go…?
Pronouns, invitations, polite questions, excuses, other polite expressions

Lesson 23 My vacation
Geographical features landmarks

Lesson 24 How do you travel?
Transportation words, simple past, irregular verbs

Lesson 25 How do you get there?
Direction words, prepositions of location

Lesson 26: Ask me a question
Question words, Sentence structure

Lesson 27: I don’t know
Indefinite pronouns

Lesson 28 Review
Introduction, greeting, names, descriptions, nationalities and languages, family, jobs

Lesson 29 Review
Review of lessons 10 through 18

Lesson 30 See you again
Sports, past tense, invitations, future tense, landmarks, directions, indefinite pronouns

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