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The EFU English For You video series is a classroom style English course. The second video set contains 30 elementary level lessons.

The EFU English Elementary Video Lessons:

Lesson 1 Welcome!
Personal info, family, jobs, holidays; Review to be, numbers, poss. adjectives, simple present

Lesson 2 Special Days
Days of the week, months of the year, seasons, prepositions of time

Lesson 3 Entertaining
Small Talk; Review introductions, present continuous

Lesson 4 School Days
School, Daily schedules, habits

Lesson 5 Where is it?
Review prepositions of time, prepositions of place, Intro new prepositions of place

Lesson 6 Shopping
Possessive Adjectives, Possessive Pronouns, Clothing

Lesson 7 Did you buy this for me?
Giving and receiving presents, Indirect objects, Pronouns, Phrasal Verbs

Lesson 8 Activities
Can for ability, Can for permission, Should

Lesson 9 Listen to the music
Review of should, Intro: may/ might

Lesson 10 What’s for dinner?
Food dishes, review may/might, intro must/have to

Lesson 11 He is taller than I am.
Review descriptive adjectives, intro comparatives

Lesson 12 What is the tallest mountain?
Comparatives, Superlatives, Cities, Countries, Geography

Lesson 13 At home
Architectural Features, Furniture, Review: there is/ there are, Some/any, Adjectives; Introduction: adverbs, as……as

Lesson 14 At the station
Review: wh questions, is there, are there questions; Introduction: can, could, may, would questions

Lesson 15 Do this
Imperatives, Sequence Words, Giving Instructions, Devices

Lesson 16 Past experiences
Historical events, Simple past/regular – irregular, Used to

Lesson 17 Future life
Space, technology, Will/Going to, Quantifiers

Lesson 18 I wish upon a star
Hope, wish, Sentence structure

Lesson 19 World Knowledge
Parts of the verb, the passive

Lesson 20 Getting around
Checking in (at the hotel), Getting around (geographic locations), Asking polite questions, Giving directions

Lesson 21 Social Groups
Articles (A/An/The), Determiners: Other/Another/The Other, Possessive adjectives

Lesson 22 Dining out
Restaurant/Recipes, Preferences, So, too, either, neither

Lesson 23 What are your job skills?
Occupations, abilities, skills; Review: can, able to for ability, present continuous; Intro: gerunds

Lesson 24 Talking on the phone
Communication, Review: pronunciation, numbers; intro: taking a message, say-tell-ask

Lesson 25: The Arts
Invitations, excuses, complaints, Review: simple past, Introduce: question tags, present perfect

Lesson 26 Transportation
City features, Review: count/noncount nouns; Intro: enough, too much, too many, indirect questions

Lesson 27 Celebrations
Marriage, birthday, etc.;Review: pres continuous, simple past, sequence adverbs; Intro: past continuous, time clauses

Lesson 28 Review: lessons 1-9

Lesson 29 Review: lessons 10-18

Lesson 30 Review: lessons 19 – 27

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